Angela Rizzoli is the Rizzoli children's overbearing Italian mother. She worked at the Boston Police Department as a waitress at the Division One Café. She now works in The Dirty Robber.

Season Three

At one point, the Division One Cafe began having so many customers and she and Stanley were having difficulty working their stations, as shown in "Welcome to the Dollhouse". Frost, wanting to help make things faster for all of them, decided to put up a website for Angela where her customers can order in advance. At first, the website was getting little traffic, so Frost advises her to put up a blog to attract people to the site. She then started and put up "Angela's Cafe and Crime" blog. Her first post is about the current case Jane was working on, posting details about needing help catching the killer that targets young ladies. Her blog, because of her posts and the publicity that Rondo and his little gang of "Angela's Guardians" later stir, almost instantly gets thousands of followers. Sean Cavanaugh is initially furious about the publication of their case, but Angela charms her way out of trouble. Jane later asks Frost to shut her blog down, which he obviously did not do.


Angela tends to be spontaneous and brash at times, acting more like the child in her relationship with her children, Jane and Frankie. She is also overbearing and fiercely protective of her children, especially of Jane and Frankie who have decided to become cops, which she does not like since it puts their lives at stake and she has even said that she has not slept since Jane decided to become a cop. Angela also wishes that Jane be a little more feminine and constantly tries to set her up on dates, much to Jane's displeasure.

When Angela gets emotional, she can't bring herself to speak so she has to write things down for her children instead.


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