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Barold "Barry" Frost was a Boston Police Department homicide detective. His police identification number was Victor 810.


Barry Frost went to an elite prep school and was among the only three black students. He had a crush on Detective Jane Rizzoli for a while.

Season One

Season Five

Having gone on holiday at the end of the previous season, Frost is killed in a car crash returning home at the end of "A New Day". "...Goodbye" includes Frost's funeral, attended by both of his parents. At the conclusion of the season ("Family Matters"), while attempting to send teenage witness Tasha to medical school, Maura arranges for the formation of the Barry Frost Memorial Scholarship, intended to support students who intend to use their education to help others like Frost did.


Frost is the type of person that cringes at the sight of blood and dead bodies, making it seem to others around him that his position as a homicide detective, who has to investigate and see dead bodies often, is unsuitable for him. In the beginning of the series, he throws up at the sight of dismangled bodies, resulting in him being the subject of teasing among his colleagues. As the series progresses though, he has begun adjusting to it, with the help of his partners and Dr. Isles and some research that tells him that repeated exposure will eventually help him to get over it.


Frost has proven to be a very skilled fighter. He is also a computer and technology whiz, but he is terrified of dead bodies and becomes ill at the sight of blood. This has caused many team members to enjoy a laugh at his expense whenever he feels the need to get away from a particularly gruesome corpse.