This article is about Francesco Rizzoli, Jr.. You may be looking for his father, Francesco Rizzoli, Sr., who his friends refer to as Frank Rizzoli.


Francesco "Frankie" Rizzoli, Jr. is a "floating" detective of the Boston Police Department. He looks up to Jane, much to their mother, Angela's dismay.


Frankie was apparently once an amazing baseball player and was on his way to the professionals until he blew out his arm and ended up with a thrower's elbow. He graduated from high school with honours, and graduated second in his class at the police academy (from For Richer or Poorer).

Season One

"The table? Already? Really? The dead-person table?"

In "When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang", Frankie is shot twice in the chest by a gun. Although his vest slowed the bullets, his rib broke, puncturing his chest wall and lung. Unable to get out of the precinct and to a hospital because of the armed men guarding the building, Maura is forced to perform a procedure on him with insufficient equipment and experience to make him last long enough until they can get him to a hospital. With Frankie on the verge of death, Jane shoots herself to get to Bobby so that they can finally bring Frankie to the hospital for his surgery.

Season Two

In "Remember Me", Frankie finally takes his detective's exam. He goes to Maura for help to get through his anxiety and calm him down for the test. He later fears that he "bombed" the test, but ends up passing with a 96% passing score.

Season Four

Frankie was promoted to Detective at the drug unit. To help with his cover, Frankie bought himself a motorcycle.

Season Five

Following Frost's death, Frankie began taking night classes in computer science to improve his skills and increase his options for future promotion.

Season Six

In Scared to Death, we learn that he is afraid of spiders, which Jane also reminds him about early in East Meets West

Season Seven

Frankie begins dating new colleague Nina Holiday, and proposes to her in the season finale Ocean Frank, which is unintentionally revealed to the entire team in the video goodbye Kent had prepared for Jane as she prepares to move to Washington. As Jane moves out, she leaves Frankie the old toy robot that Frost had kept on his desk, musing that Frost and Frankie would probably be partners if he was still around.



Frankie is good at reading lips, which he began trying during little league when reading the coach's lips.



Jane Rizzoli

Frankie looks up to Jane, his older sister, but doesn't like feeling caught in her shadow, especially as he tries to make his own way on the police force. Like all the men in Jane's life, Frankie is more protective of Jane than she would like.

Angela Rizzoli

Frankie seems to also have a generally good relationship with his mother, whereas Angela smothers her children with worry, Frankie is also often worried about her and tends to be overprotective of her, especially after her split with Frank, Sr.

Tommy Rizzoli

Frankie and Tommy have a normal brother relationship. Both have had feelings towards Maura at one point.


Maura Isles

Frankie admitted to liking Maura. Towards the end of season four, Frankie starts to minimally flirt with her. In the season finale he kisses her and leaves. By the time of the fifth season premiere, they concluded that a relationship would not work as they each considered the other to be a sibling.


Frankie met Nicole when on a stakeout in East Meets West. After the case ended, he returned to ask her out. The next time they went out together was in A Shot in the Dark. However that relationship ends after Nina Holiday is shot after Vince's wedding.

Nina Holiday

Ever since they met, they had chemistry. However it wasn't until Dangerous Curve Ahead that they begin to date. They eventually get engaged when he proposes to her. Frankie uses his grandmother's diamond earrings to make Nina's engagement ring while she plans their honeymoon. They attempt to reveal the news to everyone, but hold off after Korsak announces his retirement. Eventually in the series finale, everyone finally finds out when Kent accidentally records them discussing their engagement while recording everyone's farewell videos.

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