Kiki is introduced as an off-screen character in season 5, Korsak's "life coach" who encourages him to both look into retirement and also explore the possibility of becoming a lieutenant, in Doomsday. In Bridge to Tomorrow, Korsak says that he is buying the Dirty Robber as a result of Kiki's coaching. Also in that episode, Jane comments that Kiki must be very special; when Korask notes that Kiki has a strict rule against getting involved with clients, Jane suggests that he fire her.

During In Plain View, Korsak is working to improve his vocabulary at Kiki's suggestion.

In Family Matters, Angela points out that Korsak lights up every time he mentions Kiki. Later, Korsak says that they are meeting at the Dirty Robber to talk about winding down their professional relationship.

Later, she is married to Vince Korsak.

Season 6

in Sister Sister, Korsak says that Kiki is afraid of big dogs, because she was mauled by a Rottweiler as a child. So Korsak cannot have any large dogs as a result..

Season 7


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