Nina Holiday is a young analyst who became part of the team after the death of Barry Frost. She is a technical analyst and does not normally go out into the field.

Season 5

Season 6

In A Bad Seed Grows, Nina is taking a night class in astronomy. She tells Frankie that they had a class discussion about UFOs, and Frankie blurts out that he saw a UFO once. He's embarrassed by the admission, but near the end of the episode, Nina gifts him with a telescope and keys to the building's rooftop. In

Nina's brother, Marcus, was involved with gangs and was killed as a result.

USeason 7

She likes French fries with Thousand Island dressing (Dangerous Curve Ahead).

In Season 7, Nina starts dating Frankie Rizzoli. In

In Stiffed, Frankie asks Nina to marry him. In Stiffed (season 7), Frankie says he used the telescope all the time, with an app that helps him.

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